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L&D Crew

Introducing Michelle, a member of CA’s Learning and Development team, who develops resources and interactivity – she’s a part-time Olympic weightlifter and a full-time Dalmatian wrangler! When she’s not lifting weights, she’s lifting Dalmatians, and let me tell you, spots have never felt so heavy.
Her spare time is mostly spent with her grown-up daughters, her husband, and the dynamic Dalmatian duo. Because who needs peace and quiet when you can have spots and chaos? Michelle is not just a Dalmatian whisperer; she’s also a weightlifting sensation, having secured second place at The World Masters in Barcelona in 2018. Rumors suggest the Dalmatians provided emotional support and barked motivational cheers.
And if you thought lifting weights and wrangling spots were enough, brace yourself – Michelle is about to add even more excitement to her schedule with a Cert III & IV in fitness. Because why settle for lifting weights when you can also lift fitness certifications, right?
So, if you need someone to lift your spirits, weights, or perhaps even a Dalmatian or two, Michelle is your go-to person. When it comes to juggling grown-up daughters, a husband, Olympic medals, and fitness certifications, she’s the real MVP (Most Valuable Pawrent)!



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