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College Australia is a leading vocational education institution offering a comprehensive range of qualifications to our domestic and international students.

Established in June 2005, College Australia was founded on a vision and passion to provide high-quality training for students undertaking studies in vocational education.

We provide a range of qualifications that are relevant to the real world, easily accessible and create pathways to successful job outcomes. College Australia is registered with the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) This enables us to provide nationally recognised accredited qualifications that meet a set of standards and provide key vocational outcomes that lead to employment.

Our affiliations with various industry and educational networks ensure we’re at the forefront of current and trending industry knowledge and innovative technologies, which gives us the ability to support our students every step of their learning journey. We provide quality support services and networks, and offer access to a thriving student community. We grow with our students as we tailor our innovative and focused education, and help find solutions for every stage of their career and workplace development.

Our qualifications range from entry level Certificate II to management level Graduate Diplomas in the fields of:

Business & Management

Our business and management qualifications are designed for real-world application with contemporary business theory and practical workplace functionality, ensuring our graduates are better placed to meet the needs of their organisations, teams and themselves.

Health Support & Community

Make a real difference in the lives of those in need with a qualification that ignites your passion for helping others. You’ll learn key strategies and best-practice standards, so you’re perfectly positioned to use your new skills and knowledge in real-life situations within a home, community, or health care environment.

Hospitality &

Support your wanderlust as you build your career in an industry with diverse employment opportunities. You’ll learn skills and develop knowledge to set you up for career success in a fast-paced and exciting industry that has the potential to create high job satisfaction.


Embrace your passion for customer service as you carve out your career in an industry ripe with varied employment possibilities. You will acquire skills and garner knowledge that primes you for success in a vibrant and dynamic industry, offering the chance for gratifying job experiences.

Each of our qualifications is a stepping stone into a career or university pathway by boosting skills and knowledge to ultimately forge career success. Our Educators are experts in their field and are fully qualified, offering high-quality learning experiences for our students that are designed to meet each individual’s needs as they complete their journey with us.

Our Approach

College Australia constantly strives to improve its engagement with stakeholders and clients to ensure our business is strategic, accountable, and on mission. As such, we are committed to building strong relationships and our flexible, consultative approach to how we conduct business is an essential part of providing the exceptional customer service for which we are known.
We take the same approach when communicating with and supporting our students. Our Educators discuss and implement the learning content in a supportive and caring environment, which helps each student achieve their educational outcomes.

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Delivery Philosophy

In recent years, the move to online learning has seen College Australia shift most of its courses to eLearning. As a result, our educational content and platform are continually evolving to include the latest technologies and follow instructional design strategies to ensure we deliver best practice when it comes to online education. We pride ourselves in providing a learning experience that supports our students’ growth by creating engaging and easy to navigate learning environments, which in turn supports successful study outcomes.

We achieve this through our state-of-the-art educational platform that provides our students with direct access to their Educator via the built-in chat portal.

Organisational Structure

As an organisation that is continually growing and developing its operations and services, we have developed a structure that can expand as needed. The business has four departments that focus on critical functions within the organisation. Each of the following departments is focused on our students and operates at a team level in their area of specialisation:

Student Services

Learning & Development



We also have teams that work across the departments to ensure that “the right hand knows what the left hand is doing”. These teams focus on innovation, strategy, quality, and student experience and include at least one representative from each department. This encourages strong cross-team communication and input from all our crew to keep us innovative and on track with our goals.

Why we do what we do:

At the heart of why we do what we do and the way we do it are our mission, vision and values. Despite the reality of living in constant change, particularly in current times, we hold ourselves accountable to our mission and focus on ensuring we do not stray from our foundational principles.


To put students and their aspirations at the core of the education experience, building strong foundations for successful career outcomes.


Create opportunities and enrich lives through high-quality, leading-edge education and training services.

At the forefront of everything we do are our values:


Enriching lives

Delivering on promises


Inclusive and personalised education experience

Meet the crew:

Each member of the College Australia crew is instrumental in ensuring we provide a learning experience that embodies our mission, vision and values, and together we work towards a common goal to fulfil and enrich the lives of our students and staff.

This in turn increases productivity in our organisation and further solidifies successful learning and career outcomes for our students.



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